Who is Don Bobbitt anyway?

Me? I’m Don Bobbitt, a traveler, a Writer and a pretty good Photographer. My wife and I have traveled around the USA over the past several decades, and we have collected quite a few amazing photographs and great stories.

A few of our favorite photographs are now being made available in different forms for others to enjoy.

We understand that with the camera technology available today, there are thousands of amazing photographs available for us all to see, essentially everywhere you look on the web. Some of these are taken by professionals but many are now taken, usually by accident, by amateur photographers.

What you will find here is a store full of my Photography and Art which I have generated and collected in a database of my own over the years.

On this site, I am providing access to some of my ART and making it available applied to quality products that you might use in your everyday life.

Hopefully, you will come back often and enjoy what I have captured in our travels.



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