I Just Want to Sip My WINE and Pet My DOG

I Just Want to Sip My WINE and PET My DOG!


A name brand (FRUIT of the LOOM) T-Shirt with a Custom design applied that’s for the Man or Woman who wants to make a statement about how much they Love their DOG!

This T-Shirt has a Unique Design that’s great for wearing to Parties and Cookouts as well as Social and Sports events. Click here to see this product on my SHOPIFY Store

I Just Want to Sip My Wine and Pet my Dog Tees

NULIVIN4U provides high Quality products that have been upgraded with great artwork as well as interesting and entertaining Slogans and Quotes. Wear our products and express to the World how you feel about things. Or just share a laugh with your friends when you show up in one of our great products.


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